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have you guys ever been to a magic show?

or like the ones when you were a kid and it was show and tell and somebody brought out a top hat with a stuffed rabbit inside. or better yet, a real rabbit. or those huge, huge shows back at las vegas and the magicians making all the girls on stage disappear or something?

i went to one of those when i was way younger and i went through this whole phase and i got every single simple magic trick out there. and this was like, way way before i found out i could do illusions and stuff. but after that, i sort of grew out of it. and i was cleaning out my dorm last week before graduation and i found all of my card tricks, a red ball and the fake, plastic thumb.

anyway, yeah, i went out to get some food and im waiting in line and im practicing making the red ball disappear and this kid comes up to me and she thinks im the most amazing guy in the world. she wouldnt let me order without me teacher her, so i tell her that a magician never reveals his secrets. something like that. then she just started crying...

well yeah, no idea where the entry is going. so go on then, share... common-ish experiences.